This is room service with your wake-up call!

Its 9/11 and I’m not sure what to write.  Everything has been said, right?  Well, I have a few ideas.

The rubble has been removed; people have tried to knit their lives back together with varying degrees of success and we’ve rebuilt.  We’ve launched punitive actions against people happy to live in the Bronze Age and dismiss misery, sickness and misfortune as “God’s will.”

These Bronze Agers take the long view, what’s another 100 or 1000 years to God?  Occasional one or another holy man gets impatient and tries to hurry things up, but really, when you expect to subjugate all of humanity under your religion, what’s the rush.

American politicians and our news media want to continue keeping us in a dream-like state.  I don’t know what would happen if we were shown that video of the little Middle Eastern girl proudly beheading her doll with a large knife following the execution of reporter James Foley by ISIS.  Do you remember the stills and video of the young boys dressed in brown paper suicide vests for Allah?

These people don’t want your i-Pod or modern medicine, or even a chicken in every pot.  They are taught that western culture is evil and needs to be exterminated and replaced with the theocracy of Islam.  If we truly believe and accept this fact, we would change our politicians like the soiled bed sheets they are and do something about these people.
I’m not talking about boots on the ground, but there are other options.  How about becoming completely energy independent from Middle East oil?  How about closing all student visas and not worrying about human rights violations of the few allies we have in that area?  How about effectively closing our borders and disrupting the illegal drug traffic that seems to fuel these people?  How about identifying the world’s corporations that do business there and stop buying and selling with them?

And when we do put our young men and women in harm’s way might we insist the rules of combat reflect a more primitive level that the Bronze Agers understand?

9-11-2001 was a wakeup call.  

The barbarians are, if not at the gate, milling around in our fields. We should never forget that.  Our politicians have used the cry “Remember 9/11!” to rally votes, justify passage of laws, increase taxes, spy on our privacy, and generally enrich themselves.  But many of us have never forgotten 9-11-2001 and will never forgive.

I would normally say something  trite like practice, keep your skill sets sharp, stay alert and lead full healthy lives.  But nothing I say will change your point of view, as much as I wish I could.  If you believe as I do you’re making the effort.  If you don’t, well, re-read the opening line.

Here it is.  If you’re not prepared, you’ll be the guys sent in to check for booby traps, the canary in the coal mine.  If you’re prepared, perhaps we’ll survive long enough to become seasoned survivors.

To steal from author John Ringo, one day we’re going to dance with the Devil.  The question is are you going follow or lead?  

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