About Me

I’ve grew up a policeman’s son.  I am very lucky.   My father and mother are retired in Florida but I still remember the worry and concern my mother lived with every time he went to work.  I remember how each police family becomes its own little pressure cooker. 
I enjoy shooting, reading and working with my hands.  Along the way I earned a BS in Chemistry and found work in the rubber industry.
My Training: I studied under Massad Ayoob.  His teaching made a major impact on me.  Other instructors included Ken Hackathorne, John Benner and David Bowie at TDI, and Chuck Davis of COMTAC.  Exposure to Rob Haught gave me a new respect for the shotgun.  IDPA and NRA Bullseye shooting gave me insights to realistic gun games and mental concentration.  I teach CCW in Ohio, work with new shooters and assist other trainers with their courses anytime I can.  I’m a firm believer in adding to your bag of skills.
I’ve worked at martial arts, took NRA training, Red Cross first aid and disaster training.  Mix in so many other trainers and talented shooters who showed me the way.  But I’m not done.  I’m still looking for more training.  Training and practice is a life style.
This isn’t boasting.  Use the listing for what I intend it for: These are my bona fides.  Use them to gain perspective on my views.