The Tactical Philosopher

Tactically Talking is about ammo and knives, about awareness and firearms, not to mention training, practice and observations from daily life as well.  Hopefully there will be a little humor, but more thought provoking ideas and interesting reading.
Self defense.  

It means different things to different people.  For some it means years of martial art training, often with implausible, anachronistic weapons.  To others self-defense means shooting the most current hot topic gun and the newest wonder bullet. 

To some, self-defense is paying your taxes and then depending on the police to serve and protect.  Others simply deny the need for self defense and question the basic sanity of anyone concerned about self protection.
This blog will not be a forum for modern survivalists anticipating eking out a post-ragnarok existence.  But reasonable precautions for a 3-day winter power outage or dealing with the resulting vermin are different.
Nor will you find discussions of the newest wonder gun or weapons based on freebies enjoyed by professional writers.  The same applies for knives.  The current Rambo blade, or super steel doesn’t seem relevant.  And if you think you need a bug-out bag, so do I, but it doesn’t contain food for 5 people for 25 days and 250 rounds of armor penetrating pistol ammo.
It is doubtful that the war college, local police departments or tactical schools will change anything because of this blog.  I hope these mini-articles will help me refine my thoughts and give you new ways to think about your ideas.