Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Just a little stuff that keeps sloshing around....

THE Akron Beacon Journal (July 29, 2011) reports a wire story from Kosovo captioned, “OK given for retaliation.”

Sounds ominous, but it appears that NATO has given French and American peacekeepers on the northern border with Serbia the okay to fire their weapons in self-defense if attacked.  The article is troublesome on two levels.

One, what the hell?  Armed forces need permission to defend themselves?  And two, given the first restriction, it occurs to me NATO didn’t say anything about having ammo in the guns.

YOU'VE seen the 17-odd minute tape of the Canton police officer going off the deep end on a driver with CCW.  How could you not have seen or heard about it?  I was listening to the early evening news and it appears another Canton police video has surfaced.  Same LEO?  I don’t know.  But I do know every police officer takes it on the chin when one cop goes over the edge.  I like the police, and there is no nice way of saying it, but some departments have a well deserved bad reputation.  It’s only through the release of these videos that the community can force a change.  

But it is a warning to CCW holders.  Not every LEO will treat you professionally.  I’m not the first to say don’t go to bad neighborhoods.  Don’t stand out.  Don’t draw attention to yourself.

THERE is so much I don’t know about shotguns.  So, the first thing I thought I would do would be to zero my 20 gauge for slugs.  I normally put my ammo in a steel ammo can, pack some sand bags and scope, water, tools, ears, targets, pasters, measuring wheel, staple gun and anything else I might think would be useful into my traveling gun bag which I call my car.   

The first and last half hour at the range is spent lugging stuff to and from the firing point and my car.  This time I left the metal can and a few other things at home.  I took only one small sand bag and a gun case and told the Sherpas I didn’t need them that day.

I planned on using my hard-sided rifle case and the small sand bag to support the shotgun.  However, I discovered the combination was not only too low but the case flexed up and down while I was shooting.

The low shooting rest positioned me so that only the butt’s heel contacted my shoulder.  Every time I pressed the trigger, the recoil slipped the shotgun butt down and the barrel up.  I had no confidence I was accomplishing anything.

Hit much?

I was down to my last round, so I piled a plastic bucket used to collect unwanted empties on top of my rifle case, added my sandbag and discovered I could almost stand up and shoot the gun!  So I did.  Here’s the result.

Honest to God!  My last shot.

Ain't it grand!   Proof that even a blind hog finds an acorn every once and awhile.  

IT seems Pfc. Naser Abdo discovered Islam and these beliefs made him a conscientious objector.  He must have been pretty committed to these beliefs as the Army accepted his request for CO status and recommended his separation this spring.  Along the way the Army discovered his beliefs don’t exclude child pornography.  The Army withdrew the separation and was investigating the kiddie porn charges when Naser went AWOL on July 4th.  The FBI just arrested him for planning an attack on Ft. Hood.  I guess killing some people but not others is acceptable.

Guess who turned him in?  A gun store!

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