Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gunshow Observations

Airsoft fans already know this but for the rest of us:  Glock has taken out an injunction against the airsoft manufacturers from making airsoft Glocks.  It’s not about safety or concern that you’ll paint the orange safety muzzle black.  Glock wants a cut of the profits.

I was told you could sell your airsoft Glock online for big bucks, but then you wouldn’t have it to practice with.  

If you anticipate ever needing your Glock for self-defense, you should be training and one great way is force-on-force.  Police and high-end schools can use Simunitions, but many police prefer airsoft because you can use it anyplace and clean-up is sweeping the floor.  

Civilians can do the same with eye protection and airsoft.  Don’t surrender your training options to make a little money unless you have no other options.

I was at a gun show this weekend and saw a fellow with a police shield issued by the S&W Collectors Association.  He was wearing it on his hip like police do.  I have always thought this is a mistake. 
What do the police think?  Do they wonder if you’re a wannabe cop?  Or are you one of those strange rangers trying to fool people? 

Me?  What do I think?  I think most police associate phony police badges with child molesters.  I’m not LEO, but that’s what I think too!  I’m a little horrified that the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) issues Texas Ranger-like stars to their members and some of them wear them on civilian clothes.  The last thing you should want is that people think you’re impersonating a police officer.

Bad Juju all the way around!

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