Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zombie Max

I just want to get it on the record:  I’m not immune to merchandising.  A pretty girl, an interesting box or a commercial that makes me smile can get me to buy something.  

In this case it was Hornady Zombie Max.  The green and purple box with the alert “Warning:This Is Live Ammunition. This Is Not A Toy.” was too much to resist. 

The bullets are tipped with a sickly green plastic. 

Twenty rounds of .55gr .223 rem, and I paid too much, but it’s still pretty cool!  The box gives you some quick ways of IDing zombies.  Key indicators include:
                Waving their arms around to distract you,
                Table manners have disappeared,
                Dragging their feet.

Hmmm.  Makes you think.  Sounds like some of my co-workers before their first cup of coffee each morning.  Could it be??  Naa, I don’t think so, but I’ll keep an eye on them from now on.

The box has some ballistic data.  Bullet weight 55gr. Muzzle velocity, that’s 3240fps.  The bullet drop data indicates a 200 yard zero and 46 inch drop at 500 yards.  I don’t know, 500 yards with a 55gr .223 seems like a bit of a stretch. It’s too far for head shots, the only sure way to stop a zombie.

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