Friday, December 30, 2011

Tactical New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I’d like to wish all of you a Happy and Safe New Year. 

Every year I hope for a better year than the last, but truth be told, I’m often disappointed.  So this year I’m going to work on more shooting, more training and more fun.  Life can be rich and rewarding if we pay attention and learn to make lemonade out of lemons.

I don’t, at least not yet, have a list of tactical New Year’s resolutions.  I do have a couple of ideas.

Have a safe New Year’s Eve!  Don’t drink and drive.  You could stay home and celebrate with your friends.  Have them spend the night so their year starts safe.  Better still, don’t drink to stupidity.  It takes away your tactical edge.  Being drunk is like a giant sign over your head saying VICTIM.

Avoid places you’re not wanted, especially over the holidays when everyone is knocking a few back and inhibitions are crashing to the deck.  And there you are with the flashing victim sign over your head.

Try to get off the roads as soon as possible on New Year’s Eve.  We can’t control the drunks who careen down the streets like a self-activated billiard ball. 
Does this sound like a buzz kill?  I don’t know, maybe. 

The truth of the matter is I want everyone to have a good year in 2012 and starting it in the hospital or morgue doesn’t bode well.

Stay safe, stay tactical in 2012.

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