Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pippa Middleton is a numbnut!

I had to Google to find out who Pippa Middleton is.  I also had to search for the photos of her in a convertible with the driver pointing a semiauto at the celebrity photostalker.

Stolen from  US Weekly.  Really! In public, flashing a gun,  finger on trigger. They think it's cool.  I think they're all numbnuts.

Yup, it did look like a gun.  Other photos show he kept his finger on the trigger while bringing it up and over the passengers heads.  Another website identified the man with the gun as lawyer and senior adviser for HK.  HK.... One of great names in guns and this is who they hire! I hope HK has enough sense to dump this clown before he does serious damage to their name.

Why is this important?

Easy!  Don’t associate with numbnuts.

Yeah, they can be beautiful, exciting, and live life in ways most of us can only imagine.  But unless you have a battery of lawyers and spin doctors to hide behind, why put yourself in potential trouble.  Run with the bulls in Spain, but not the numbnuts.  You will be dragged down with them.

“But I was just there. I didn’t do anything!”  you tell the police. That wouldn't cut any ice.  You share the gang's activities.  Let me tell you a story about that.

My mother worked with a woman who came to work one day very upset and distracted.  It seems the woman’s son, I’ll call him Tommy, was hanging with his friends.  They were teenagers and they were cutting through a railyard on the outskirts of Chicago.  One of the kids got the bright idea to throw a switch on the tracks.  Tommy didn’t like the idea and left while it was still in the talking stage.  He didn't know what they did after he left.

That night the FBI showed up and wanted to take Tommy and his parents in for a little talk.  It appears someone threw the switch and altered the track connections.  There could have been a disaster.  Fortunately, the signal house detected the change and altered it back so no accident occurred.

This was before the Vietnam war heated up, but sabotage is always looked at seriously.  I don’t know what happened to Tommy, but I’m sure it took money and lawyers to get Tommy’s ass out that crack.

So make sure the gang you hang with with is numbnuts free.

On an interesting note, one site said it was illegal in France to use a handgun in self-defense.  This in a country that twice in 50 years had to free itself (with a lot of help) from an invading army.

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