Friday, May 18, 2012

M1 Garand Clinic

One of my favorite shooting clubs has decided to run an M-1 clinic. 


The M1 Garand remains one of the hot collectable rifles and one source is the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  If you’re in the Akron-Canton-Cleveland area and you’re not connected with the CMP, you should think about this course.  

Classic American WWII weapon

Did you know there are only two CMP stores in the US?  Only two.  One is at Camp Perry west of Port Clinton, Ohio.  You can inspect and buy government surplus rifles, ammo, guns, bayonets, ammo there.  Oh, well yes, you do have to be a member of the CMP. 
How do you join?  Take a CMP clinic and shoot a match.

For more information see: Greenport TacticalAssociation

Here’s the posting from their website………………..


 June 30, 2012
We will be hosting a clinic to qualify you to buy rifles from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). If you are not a member of a CMP-affiliated club, ORPA memberships will be available for purchase.
(See for the complete list of qualifications you must meet to purchase.)
The class will cover basic marksmanship training and the M1 Garand in particular.  All students will learn how to disassemble and reassemble the M1 Garand, hands on.

Cost is $70.00 per person, plus an additional $25.00 for an ORPA membership if desired. Start time is 1:00 pm until approximately 5:00 pm.

You must supply your own centerfire rifle and ammunition.  You will shoot a 30-round (plus sighters), three position, 100 yard rifle match, And because we can, class participants who stick around can shoot a more tactical steel match. 

The course will be limited to 18 students and open to the public.  Club members will be given first priority until the end of May. Open slots will then be filled from the waiting list. Money and contact information must be submitted before June 7, 2012 to be put on either list. Non-participants will, of course, have their money returned.

No entries will be accepted after the deadline, no walk-ons. Sorry!

Call Marty Capito at 330-714-3597 for further information and how to register.  If we do not get enough entrants your money will be refunded.

Gear Load out:
Eye and ear protection
Empty Chamber Indicator for rifle
Minimum 32 rounds and centerfire rifle for CMP match.  Any action, any sights, open, dot or scope will work.
Rounds for free tactical match following class.
Personal items: food, water, sun protection, bug spray, shooting gloves…You’re all adults you know the drill.

Great way to clean the lawn of trash!  At least Clint thinks so.


  1. Just a note, you don't have to own a M1 Garand to attend the clinic. The clinic is to help you with cleaning and shooting your M1 after you buy through the CMP. Any centerfire rifle, no matter type, caliber, or accessories will work for the class shooting match. There is no score you have to shoot to pass.

  2. Sorry, the clinic never happened. Too many people thought $70 was too much to pay and you didn't get an M1 included. I don't know where they get their sense of reality.

    M1's are drying up fast. Obama has refused to allow American M1's currently in overseas warehouses to be imported. That's tax payer money that can't be returned to the States. Each of those weapons should be returned and given to every taxpayer who whats one. All federal property is purchased with our money. Something to thing about.

    PS: Field grade M1's are selling at the CMP for over $1000.