Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Minimum Standards Across the State

May you live in interesting times.  Traditional Jewish Curse

Every day is an adventure.  I had one the other day.  

It was an ordinary IDPA match.  It’s been a while since I shot a classic IDPA match, even longer since I designed stages for one.  That made me the Match Director and one of the squad leaders.  I also got to wash all the bottles afterwards.

Most shooters come to these matches with different skill sets.  We try to keep it light and friendly, but impart the tribal knowledge of the IDPA community.

Now every shooter starts somewhere.  I have not yet met anyone who was born with the ability to do a slide-lock reload or pie a corner.  Somebody had to show each of us the skills needed to shoot an IDPA match.

Seldom do I meet a shooter so sorely lacking skills.

Which skills?  Most of them.  The shooter didn’t know how to load or unload the gun, how the safety de-cocker worked, how the gun worked, how to hold the gun , much less hit a target 10 yards away.  I don’t mean headshots.  I mean unable to hit the cardboard. 

It was a long day and I can only be thankful my fellow squad members stepped up and helped keep the shooters safe.

Do you want to hear the scary part?  I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.

The shooter has taken a class and holds a valid Ohio CCW.

The shooter, I suspect, attended a puppy mill CCW class.  You’ve read about puppy mills.  The owners breed puppies with no regard to the dogs' health, just turning out one living pile of cash after another.  They have no regard for your success with the dog.  Defective dog?  No problem, they’ll trashcan it and give you another fungible puppy.  

There are CCW trainers out there just like that.  Even worse are the pond scums who will sell you the certificate sans training.

In Ohio there is a movement to modify the current CCW law.  Backers want to eliminate the training requirement, eliminate the alcohol-firearms prohibition, wash out background checks and create a free “carry state” where everyone who can own a firearm and carry concealed.

This is nonsense!  Utter balderdash!  Complete road apples.
More importantly, it’s playing into the anti-gun crowd's hands.  As sure as I’m writing this, it is only a matter of time before some poorly trained licensee will attempt to defend themselves and slaughter a handful of innocent bystanders leaving the criminal unharmed. 

These results will be used as leverage to strip our right to carry from us.

Say it isn’t so Sammy!  

That damn near happened to the NYPD the other day.  The two officers responding to the execution of Steven Ercolino by Jeffery T. Johnson fired 16 rounds, stopping Jeffery T. Johnson and injuring 9 innocent bystanders.  I like the police.  I couldn’t do their job and I am grateful they can.

Video note:  I’m not absolutely sure, it appears one officer was firing strong hand only.  It happens, so don’t you think you should add that to your practice routine?

It’s only by the grace of God that the wounded were not killed.  It’s a good thing NYPD has the city covering them in addition to a tremendous team of spin doctors.

I know you don’t believe me, but I have seen the future during the match with the clueless shooter.  Even now I’m reading about 600 licensees in central Ohio who bought their certificates without attending any training.

We should be pushing for a state-required minimum course content that will fit into the current 12 hour required time slot and course of fire on the range that each student must complete.

I want to do away with training that consists of shooting 5 powerless .22 caliber rounds into a bale of straw.  I want to eliminate any requirement that can be met by shooting 5 times and then watching 30 other shooters fire 5 times. 

Let’s eliminate CCW training based on watching hours of video, telling war stories, and a 30-minute wrap-up of the Attorney General’s almost useless booklet.

This is how we protect the Second Amendment. 

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