Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No fair!!! You’ve got a gun too!!

It’s finally happened.  A failure of the victim selection process left two criminals on the right side of the gun. 

The 2 Oct 12 Akron Beacon Journal reports, “Two would-be robbers reversed course when their intended victim pulled out his own gun, Akron police said.”

The intended victim reports he was parking his car when he saw two men in a nearby car don masks and approach him.  

It was a good thing he was aware of his surroundings.  Seeing someone pull a mask on and then approach you is definitely a tell.  The professionals call it a “clue.”  I call it escalating to condition red.  

However our hero does seem to be a little unobservant as the article then states: “One of the would-be robbers opened the passenger-side door and pointed a gun at the man (victim - my word), police said.”

It appears the criminals really didn’t have their hearts in it.  Despite the drawn gun our hero was able to pull his CCW weapon and the criminals beat a hasty retreat.

It’s an interesting article but so lacking in details of interest to the CCW community.  What kind of guns were involved?  Why didn’t he drive away?  Why didn’t the criminal shoot the intended victim?  What age groups are we talking about?

Of more interest to me would be what did our guy think?  What did he say to the police?  And who called the police?  What did he say to his loved ones, friends and co-workers?  And how did they respond?  

Okay, it’s a reporter’s version of what the police said in a press release.  Both the police, reporter, newspaper and victim (He is a victim.  He was forced to look down the barrel of a gun and had to decide to draw his own weapon in defense of his life.) all have some interest in what is said and printed.

The important thing was that no shots were fired and nobody was injured.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I believe this is most likely outcome between a criminal and a prepared person with CCW.  I can’t help wonder where he got his training?

Would your training prepare you to survive a similar attack?

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