Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spare Parts

The verbal battle for the right survival gun continues.  What is the perfect tool for your continued survival?

The solution to this puzzle, in my opinion, depends on what you think will happen.

Will the world end in December as predicted by the Mayan calendar or will it be more of localized civil disruption?  

It makes a difference which Ragnarok you’re expecting.  A true end of civilization means eventually you’ll be using a bow with flint arrows while the other means that having a few spare parts and ammo will keep you in business for the year or two it take to reestablish order.  Don’t be surprised if neither scenario results in a new rule of order you would want.

Let’s consider the second option.  It’s a reshuffling of our society and you need to survive long enough to help establish your idea of order.  The AR is the current hands down favorite.  With so many machine shops making parts, you can find or fabricate pins, springs and firing pins.   

The AK on the other hand is more durable and more likely to not break.  The AK and its distant cousin the SKS are durable combat weapons.  

Simple design, but effective.   SKS ~ often over looked  as a survival tool.
They don’t have the accuracy of ARs but they are the Timex watch of the rifle world.  (You know, “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!”)  They are less likely to break but it could be difficult to find parts in the chaos resulting from a temporary breakdown of society.

My suggestion, keep an AK or SKS and ammo to match if you think civil disorder will be a 3-5 year tag team event.

However, if you’re really serious about this, ask yourself what’s the weak point in all the common combat rifles and pistols?

It’s the magazine.  (I’m stealing from an e-mail from John Farnam.)  Without a functioning magazine, most combat rifles are tomato stakes.  They are hard-to-load single shot weapons at best and a continuous jam-o-matic at worse.  The same applies to your beloved semi-auto handguns. 

The European concept has been magazines are hard to find on the battle field, so the semi-auto pistol should retain them as compared to the American just-drop-'em-we'll-get-more-later point of view.
That leaves revolvers, and bolt or lever action rifles.  If you seriously believe that following the election or some other date the sky will fall, Chicken Little will be vindicated, the Mayans will be right, you should be thinking revolver and manual action rifle.  As long as you can find ammo that fits you’re in business.

A S&W 8-shooter.  Two more rounds could make the difference between coming home or not.

What do I think?  It’s all poppycock.  Well mostly.  I believe we could experience civil disruption in limited local areas. 

The problem would be the two legged rats becoming encouraged and attemping to take advantage of us when a nearby disaster temporary soaks up local resources.

Of course you could be right.  Twilight of the gods could be just months away.  There will be no replacement parts, primers, brass cases, or steel unless you make them and that could include mining the ore.

Do you know how to harvest sodium nitrate from manure piles, how to mine sulfur and make charcoal?  Can you make black powder?  Can you make a flint lock or match lock?   If so, you could be the new top dog.

Frankly if world society crumbles, I believe most of us will die within a year and after a few more years the remaining few will be flint edge hunters and gatherers.  

 Welcome to the new paleolithic era.


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