Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shotgun Reloading

First Thing:  I’m presenting my ideas about reloading shotguns based on my training and skill set.  Some of these suggestions may (hopefully, will) encourage you to try developing better reloading skills.  If you intend to practice anywhere but at a range with a safe backstop you must buy/make inert shells or snap caps.  

Stop whining.  
snap cap used in reloading practice
Snap Cap for 20 gauge

Using live rounds anywhere but the range is foolish and stupid.  Even at the range, initial practice with dummy rounds is a smart move.

If you can’t be safe, stop reading my blog. 

Watching the shooters in the 4th season of Top Shot wheel and fire the 1877 Hotchkiss Mountain Gun was amazing.  William Bethards  told me later the shells were hand-turned and cost $200 each.  He also reports the cannon was difficult to move, had tremendous recoil and made a real impact.

Kind of reminds me of a shotgun.

20 gauge shotgun on tactical sling
Semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun
Firearms self-defense instructors often refer to the shotgun as artillery: large, stationary, and powerful.  Following that military analogy, the modern battlefield has changed.  We see the shotgun as movable firepower, clearing areas, engaging multiple targets and securing egress and entrance points.  

The shotgun can deliver a range of functions from less-lethal beanbag rounds or futuristic Taser electrified impact slugs or the force multiplier hollow-point slugs.  All of which are based on the premise the shotgun moves across the zone of conflict until the target is in range.

No matter if you are Suzie Sportsperson or Tonya Tactical, moving the shotgun results in more targets and the need to reload.
There are high capacity shotguns and modifications on the market ranging from simply removing the magazine plug, or adding a magazine extension,

Or the hot, new and very high capacity shotguns.  Check out the links

Some of magazine fed shotguns can add a snail magazine adding 25 to 50 rounds.

I don’t know, that’s seems like a lot of weight to carry around all day.  I question the reliability of these aftermarket gismos.  Total reliability is king followed by the royal prince, shot placement!

Rob Haught once told me (and the rest of the class) if you have to shoot more than three times, you didn’t bring enough people with you.  Even with this in mind, sometimes all you have is just you and what you are carrying.  The new paradigm means you have to reload.
shooter is loading with left hand while reloading port faces to the right
I barely have the gun under control and can't really see what I'm doing.

It’s easy to make a hash of reloading.

Up close look of fumbling a reload

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