Friday, November 23, 2012

What Time Does Your Bomb Say?

Is the moon full?   Is it the silly season again?  Would you wear a watch bomb to the corner store, much less the airport?  

Of course no.  You have some level of sense.  You don’t attract unwanted attention.  Apparently California teacher and artist Geoffrey McGann doesn’t have that amount of sense.

Phoney time bomb on watch
It's either a time bomb or a portable electric chair.  Maybe both.

Imagine seeing this for the first time.  I don’t know about you but I’d move to the WTF stage right away.  My comments are in italics. Here’s the rest of the story from the San Jose Mercury News:

"California teacher and artist Geoffrey McGann made a fashion faux pas when he showed up at Oakland International Airport wearing a watch that looked like the timing device for a bomb.

But the San Jose Mercury News reports that police have decided to not file charges against McGann, 49, who was temporarily arrested after being removed from an airport security line last week. He was released after posting $150,000 bail.  (If he didn’t have that amount in real property or cash, he needed to pay a bondsman $15,000 and Geoffrey doesn’t get that back.  Maybe he’ll awake up!)

"It's something for TSA to be vigilant, but it's something else to be hypervigilant," McGann's attorney Douglas Horngrad said Monday. Horngrad said he is acting to have the arrest removed from McGann's record. (The lawyer should be glad his client wasn’t shot!)

Nonetheless, Sgt. J.D. Nelson said the watch, which has a toggle switch with wires and fuses sticking out of it, posed a legitimate concern. A bomb squad was called in to examine the watch and determined it was not connected to an explosive device. 

(Attorney) Horngrad said McGann has worn the watch through airport security a number of times, even receiving permission from the Transportation Security Administration  (You can get permission to be terminally stupid from TSA?  Why doesn’t that surprise me?) to wear the watch aboard a recent flight departing from Los Angeles International Airport."

The tactical message?  It’s an old one.  Your parents probably told you about it.  Don’t do stupid things.  Don’t associate with people who do stupid things.  We all make mistakes, but you only get a few passes before serious consequences catch up with you.  

 I suspect anyone traveling with numb nuts McGann are on TSA’s watch lists.  Let someone else be the lightning rod for things that go wrong with TSA.

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