Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shotgun Reloading - part five

PS:  Merry Christmas.  I hope you're safe and warm, but spend a few moments thinking and praying for the men and women who are cold and a long way from home so you can have a good holiday!

You need to reload, you’re in the open and you need to cover some distance.  The coast is, for the moment, clear but you need that gun at full capacity.

Me, I demount the gun, rotate it inward so the carrier is visible and place the butt stock upside down under my armpit and support the shotgun with the trigger hand.  This is when you start stuffing shells in one at a time with your less dexterous fore-arm hand.   

Shotgun supported with hand and armpit.
It's a secure grip and i can see where I'm reloading as well as the ground i walking over and have the potential to scan for danger.

 The two point hold, hand and armpit, makes the shotgun more stable while I move.  This orientation also points the muzzle downward.  This works for both semi-auto and manual pump shotguns.

There are potential problems with this.  I need to look up and scan left-right, ahead and behind for danger.  I also need to look down to make sure I know where I’m stepping and to assist my hand by watching my hand and the gun’s carrier.  If I fall, I’m sure to plug the muzzle and now I’ve got a loaded gun I can’t shoot until I clean the barrel.  The upside is I’m changing the dynamics of the battle field by moving and at my level of skill I can reload faster if I can see what I’m doing.   

Remember, someone wants you DRT!

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