Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shotgun Reloading - part four

 There are two basic ways of reloading or topping off .  Sure, there are modifications of each, but the core of each remains the same.
Leave the shot gun mounted, or demounted.  Those are the only options.

Warning: The assumption from here on out is you have at least one round in the gun and it is chamber ready to fire.  You may have more in the magazine, but you need to top it off.

Leave the gun mounted.
With the gun butt still pressed against your shoulder you need to pick up a round, two if your dexterity is good, and thumb each one past the carrier and into the magazine.  But with which hand?
If you support the gun with the trigger hand, the length of the gun will act as a lever making the gun feel heaver than it is.  This also makes you load with the less dexterous hand.  You must pre-position your reloads where that hand can get to them without having to contort yourself like a pretzel.  The advantage is you can pull the trigger anytime. 

start by sliding the shell in tothe magizine withte gun mounted
Finger off trigger during all reloads!!!

finish the reload with gun mounted
Gun remains pointed at anticipated threat during reload  I'm loading with forearm hand.  The gun feels like it weights 50 pounds

Or you can support the gun with the fore-end hand at the forearm and load with the trigger hand.  Many people find this faster.  The trigger hand is more dexterous and you are probably more confident with it.  Again the reloads have to be pre-positioned so the trigger hand can find them.    The disadvantage, you have empty your hand and get on the trigger to fire the gun.
In general I find the mounted reload best when you are expecting an attack right now and you are stationary behind cover.  I’m not ragging on you about walking and chewing gum, but…   

Imagine walking on uneven ground, trying to hold the gun directed at an anticipated threat.  The muzzle swings with every movement you make, you can’t see the reload or the ground in front of you ‘cause the gun blocks your vision.  And you’re trying to reload a swaying gun with your less dexterous hand.  Take the walking out of it and it simplifies the process.  Never be ashamed of simple. 


  1. I leave the gun mounted otherwise it is just too heavy to hold properly.

  2. Reloading from the mounted position requires you to use either the hand supporting the fore-end or the trigger finger hand. I agree the shotgun gets very heavy if you use the fore-end hand. Physics shifts the fulcrum to the trigger hand and the lever arm consisting of action and barrel becomes very heavy. Using the trigger hand to manipulate shells is a great solution. Just add in the practice of dropping the reload shell and getting on trigger if the situation changes.

    Again, I like this reload when I'm behind cover and concealment.