Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shotgun Reloading - part two

No matter if you are tactical or a sportsman sooner or later you need to reload.  And you need to reload quickly.

I’m going to go around Robin Hood’s barn a bit, but I’ll get to reloading.  Hang in there
So are you going to stand still and reload?  Why?

The sportsman never has to worry about the targets shooting back or having a plan of their own.  Stand anywhere you want and reload.  

The Army Marksmen Unit has a great Youtube video of reloading from the side saddle and belt caddy.

There are some great tips there, well worth watching and practicing.  But remember, they’re shooting tuned, semi-auto 12 gauge shotguns at steel targets.  They aren’t moving and the steel isn’t shooting back.

Let’s not talk about tactical shooting, yet.  Unless the cardboard is shooting back, can out-flank you, and make you DRT (dead right there), it’s still a sport.

If you need this skill, if you need to stop one or more people DRT, you must be aware that standing still makes you a great bullet stop for the ensconced adversary.
You need options.  The best option: being somewhere else, somewhere safe.  But sometimes that is not possible.  The second best, behind large bulletproof cover.  The third option, and it’s not great, is moving!  Moving targets are hard to hit.  Ask any rabbit hunter.

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