Monday, December 24, 2012

Why didn't the laws stop Adam Lanza?

I have to interrupt shotgun reloading.

The following is a letter I wrote to the editor of the Beacon Journal prior to the NRA’s announcement and statement that to stop a bad guy with a gun takes a good guy with a gun.  I wish I had been that distinct.

I doubt the Beacon Journal or any other newspaper would publish this.  It isn't that I want my name in the paper, but I read the letters to the editor from people claiming they own guns, people who don’t have a problem with the 2nd Amendment, or just want to make children safe.  All of them hammer the gun culture.  That’s you and me.

I have try to explain it to them.  It will not help, but I must tilt at windmills never the less.

Rant mode: ON!

How could any normal person not feel sorrow and angst following the senseless deaths of so many children and adults?  My prayers and the prayers of so many go out to their families and friends.  I cannot understand what drove Adam Lanza to ruthlessly kill so many.

In our desire to prevent these tragedies, ordinary people get swept up by politicians and organizations who would prostitute these horrendous slayings to serve their agendas. 

In the rush to be first and capture a bigger portion of the market, the media gets details wrong, vilifies an innocent man and uses buzz words to grab our attention.  Corrections can be made later after the news cycle moves on.

Politicians use incorrect labels and spread fear to drive up revenue and donations, align votes and assure snappy future sound bites. 

Organizations on every side of the debate ramp up their fundraising activities and experts crawl out of the woodwork to get their 30 seconds of career boosting publicity.

Cynical?  Yes I am!

So before we rush to judgment and put bigger locks on doors, ban guns, or embed tracking chips in students, teachers and staff, let’s look at what happened as best we can.

Adam Lanza broke several state and federal laws and killed his mother.  He then broke into a locked, occupied school building getting past passive locks, signs and security measures while breaking more federal and most likely state laws in the process. 

Clearly laws have no affect on law breakers.  I suspect more laws will not remedy the problem.

Lanza then continued to break state and federal laws with impunity until people arrived who had the ability to physically stop him.  Actually, I believe he stopped himself when faced with the possibility that someone would stop him.

I don’t believe digital cameras cause child pornography, hypodermic needles create drug addicts or spoons make people obese.  These are tools and have no life or personality of their own.  Nor do firearms create the evil men do.

Recent and historic data show that evil can only be stopped when good men and women stand up and resist it.  There is no doubt in my mind that Adam Lanza would have changed his plans if he thought someone could stop him during his rampage.

It is a strange world in which we assign armed men to guard a pile of soft metal whose principle properties is its gold color and softness.  But our most important asset, our children, are protected by a twelve dollar lock and a sign on the door.  We must be nuts!

Our children deserve the same protection as mere gold.

Rant mode:off!

More Shotgun shortly.

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