Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back at the Gun Store

"Today, I  (John Farnam writes) visited several local gun retailers, large and small.  Here  is
what is going on currently, at least here:

One shop has a small quantity of 223 hardball still available, at
$0.86/round.  Restricted to 100 rnds/customer.  None was available at  other
locations, at any price.

I found several, new ARs still for sale.  Daniel Defense, SIG,  Bushmaster,
1.9-2.5k, and up!  Four weeks ago, those same guns were marked  at
$900.00-1k, and there were plenty from which to choose.  Dealers told me  copies
they currently have "in stock" had just arrived, and would all be sold,
probably by the end of today, surely be the middle of next week."

It appears many of us decided we've driven over the cliff and they have a need to finally arm themselves.  Others, anticipating social unrest, revolution, invasion or just general fear, have invested in weapons and operating supplies anticipating reaping windfall profits later.  You will always find people willing to trade their security for money. 

If you are now deciding to get your CCW, or arm yourself, you may be too late. I don't expect the authorities going door-to-door collecting guns and ammo, but I do expect some action from our politicians what will impact on the firearms community and have no effect in reducing violence.

"Never call an unarmed man 'security'"

Dave Grossman

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