Thursday, January 17, 2013

Brain Dead in Medina County

 I’m so, I’m just so…  I can’t find a word for it.  Pissed, stupefied, incredulous, I simply can not find words to describe my feelings. 

At a time when the entire country, maybe most of the world, is focused on the tragedy of Sandy Hook and the resulting shit storm, two cretins in Medina county decide they need to drink and shoot.

What do they do?  Head to a range?  Oh no, they put up a paper target in a backyard and start blasting away with a 30 cal rifle. 

One looks at the other and sez, “We don’t need no stinkin’ backstop.”  The other sez, “Here, hold my beer and watch this!”

Mark was shooting with out a back stop
Mark Bornino   Doesn't this picture say it all?

the other nunbnuts shooting with out a back stock.
Daniel Volpone  What could I say that you haven't already thought?

Mark Bornino, 53 years stupid and his buddy Daniel Volpone, only 43 years stupid, were sending rounds downrange and shot up two houses 500 yards away.  

Honest to God, I wish they had decided to simultaneously shoot whiskey cups off each other’s head, like Mike Fink, "King of the River Boats."  At least that problem would have been self resolving.

Fortunately nobody was hurt.  The police arrived and quickly found these two morons and put a stop to the shooting activities.  All the damage was to property.

The police confiscated an AK47 ASSAULT RIFLE, 9mm hand gun, a .380 and a .22 revolver and a bunch of matching ammo.

Beer cans and guns
The beer cans weren't the targets. 
Just what American shooters need, another black eye.  I can’t wait to see the editorials in the newspaper about these two brain dead orifices!


Tactical content:  Know what is behind your target.  Alcohol and guns never mix.  Don’t hang around with orifices.

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