Sunday, January 20, 2013

Medina Gun Show Shooting

“Attention class.  It’s time to start the school day.  But first I want to welcome you back to the first day of school after National Gun Appreciation Day which was Saturday, Jan 19th.  Because of that I want to review the basic gun safety rules."

“Who knows the first rule?... Gloria.”

“The first rule of gun safety, Ms. Glockermann, is always point your gun in a safe direction.”

“That’s correct Gloria.  Who knows the second rule, no, someone else this time, Gloria.  You've had a turn.  Timmy, what’s the second rule?”

“Always off trigger …. until you’re on target and ready to shoot.”

“That’s right Timmy, you got it right.  Now who knows the third rule?  Estefan, do you know the third rule?”

“Yes, Ms. Glockermann.  The third rule of gun safety is always keep the gun unloaded.”

“Ms. Glockermann, what’s a zeroth rule?”

“Well, Frankie, a zeroth rule is one so important that it occurs before any other rule can exist.  Sometimes other rules let people discover the zeroth rule, but it existed even if we were unaware of it.  We call it the zeroth rule because it is so important.  Do you know the zeroth rule of gun safety?”

"Yes, Ms. Glockermann.  Treat all guns as if they are always loaded."

“Class that is very good.  I’m very proud of you.   I think you all know how to be safe.  Now if I can only get those chowderhead orifices at gun shows to learn these rules.”

Ms. Glockermann is pissed.  She knows that on Gun Appreciation Day, five people were shot/injured at three different gun shows.   I was at one of the three, the Medina gun show ( and was an earwitness, along with a thousand other people.

What happened?  I really don’t know.  The police were supposed to check everyone coming in for loaded weapons.  The show was much more controlled because of a complaint to the Fire Marshall about narrow aisles and overcrowding.  

Let’s call the shooter Henry.  Henry bought a Taurus semi-auto from a third party and at some point the gun became loaded.  Did the police at the door miss it?  Did the third party sneak it in?  Was it reloaded after it passed through security and if so who was the asshole who loaded it?  All unknown to me.  

Henry stated in his police statement he knew it was loaded (!).  He pulled back the slide and the gun went off.  The 9 mm ricocheted off the concrete.  His friend was seated next to him at the table and was struck in the thigh and arm.  

A doctor at the show was able to apply immediate first aid to control the bleeding and the victim was taken to a local hospital and then choppered to Cleveland.

The Medina Gun Show threw Henry out and banned him from attending in this life and the next future incarnation.  I don’t know what the police have done or will do.

Every NRA rule designed to keep us safe was broken.

  1. The gun was loaded.
  2. Henry had his finger on the trigger.
  3. It wasn’t pointed in a safe direction.
And, the gun wasn’t treated as if it was loaded.

Children get this.  What’s wrong with some of us?

Tactical Content:  None.  If you can’t be safe, you’ll never be tactical in anything you do.  Move to a deserted island so you will only hurt yourself.

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