Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York Assault Weapon Restrictions / Ban

Well, New York state is on a roll and has beaten everyone to the gun control punch.  No surprise here, everyone expected it.  What’s in the New York assault weapon control bill? (My ranting is in italics!)

Unfortunately nothing that will truly help.  There is one possible provision that might help.  But it’s very scary.

  • It requires a therapist to report anyone under their care who makes a “credible” gun violence threat to report them to a “mental health director.”  That person would report them to the Department of Criminal Justice.  The weapon may be seized.  I don’t know if anyone knows who seizes the weapon and what can happen to the person.  I’m not sure I want police to be able to arrest someone before they commit a crime. 

  • NY has redefined an assault weapon as having a single ‘assault weapon’ feature.  Previously it was two features.  These features include flash suppressors, bayonet mounts, pistol grips, folding grips or detachable magazine.  This could include pistol grip shotguns.  It’s interesting to note that this list is about rifle furniture, nothing about function.

  • Mandate a police registry of assault weapons.  Of course you know what follows on the heels of registry, don’t you.  Confiscation without due course of law.
  • State registry of all private sales and require a background check through a FFL for a fee.
  • Requires stores that sell ammo to register and requires a background check and to keep a electronic data base of all bullet sales.  What?  Are they serious?  As a reloader I’ve got to ask, do they mean bullet or cartridge?  I also wonder if the feds can comply with it?  The background check is for firearms so can BATF legally run a check for a cartridge?
  • Restrict magazine size to 7 rounds from the national standard of 10 (Huh! National standard of 10?).  Anyone found with 8 or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.  Really?  Do you feel safer if someone is pointing a five shooter at you and not high capacity Glock?  And if you do feel safer, are you really rational?
  • Increased penalties for gun violence.  We execute people for homicide and people still kill.  Do stricter penalties deter criminals?  I remember when speeding fines in Pennsylvania made it cost effect to not only speed, but to greatly exceed the limit.  See, 1 to 10 miles over the limit cost you X dollars a mile.  But 40 miles over the limit cost us only a third X per mile.  They finally changed that law.

Of course I believe that to stop violent crimes during their commission, you need a person with the right tools.  Nobody ever stopped beating someone because a third person recited state and federal laws to them.

I would suggest gun and ammunition manufacturers boycott NY.  US manufacturers should refuse to sell guns, magazines and ammo to any New York state or city agency unless they abide by the letter of the law.  No police officer should have more than 8 rounds in a gun at any time and each officer should pass a new ammunition background check every time they need ammo.  No police officer needs an assault rifle as defined by New York.  It’s back to lever action .30-30s for them!  All security, private or public, entering the state should be subjected to the same rules.  Let’s see how the rich, famous and powerful react when they find out their security is provided by someone with a sling shot and a toothless dog.

Of course, this will never happen.  Too much money is being made on gun and ammo sales to NY police and security.

I think of NY and I’m seeing a continuous barbed wire fence surrounding the state.  Remember what your mother told you: Don’t go where you’re not wanted.

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