Friday, May 31, 2013

Checking my Zero

I took my Rock River AR out last weekend.  I had removed the dot for Dave Laubert’s AR maintenance class ( and now I needed to reinstall it.  The dovetail mount means I should be able to simply slip it back on the rifle and be reasonably close.
Reasonably close isn’t good enough.  I’m zeroing my AR at 25 yards so an inch right or left can mean 4 inches (plus my normal minimum arc of movement) at 100 yards.  I could wobble off the target.  Plus it’s comforting to know your rifle is truly zeroed.  Even those rounds fired while checking the zero add to your experience with trigger control and breath control.  It’s a nice way to welcome the outdoor rifle season.  

Rifle targets, 5 to a page that I used to check my zero
The lower groups, targets 1 and 3 are my zero; the upper target is free standing at 25 yards.  See, I’m a shaky dude.

Why 25 yards?

Out to 60 yards my impact will be less than one handprint high or low from my point of aim.  In my vision of tactical sport shooting and my limited concept of urban combat, 60 yards is a lot.  Go outside and walk about 70 steps or 60 yards in straight line.  How many points of the compass could you really do that in without running into a house or other bulletproof object?

I also just got new electronic ears.  They are 3M Peltor Tactical Sport.  I love them.   

Peltor Tactical Sports electron ear muffs
Best ear protection I've ever owned.  Why did I wait so long?

I really like the auto shut off.  I sometimes slip my electronic muffs away and forget to turn them off.  After 2 hours of no noise they turn themselves off.  Sufficient noise reduction (20 dB) to protect my ears and still let me carry on conversations.  Most importantly they are the most comfortable set of ear protection I have ever worn, and I’ve worn a lot.  I’m sorry I waited so long to buy a set.

I bought mine locally at the Medina gun show from Ted at TJ Targets.  Try ‘em, you’ll like love ‘em.

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