Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IDPA Classifier

I’m getting ready for the IDPA Classifier this weekend.

It’s a 90-round course of fire that lets you measure your skills at specific tasks.  These tasks include reloading, shooting on the move, shooting from cover, the basic draw and it implicitly checks safe gun handling.

It also includes skills that have questionable value.  The tactical reload and 'reload with retention' are border-line silly.  Another questionable skill set is the head shot.

Why these three? 

That’s a topic for another day.  IDPA is about to release their new rule book for comments.  Let’s see what gets added and left out.

IDPA shooter engaging the last string of the classifier
Stage 3 ~ the easiest stage to drop points 

IDPA is a game with rules and referees.

It will remain a game no matter how we tweak the rules until they do away with rules and you acknowledge that you may die and you may have to take a life to leave the arena.  (Sherman, set the way-back machine to Roman gladiators days!).

Fortunately, it is a game and we can still learn about ourselves and our skills by playing it.  I’m looking forward to it.

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