Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shooting the Classifier

I shot the IDPA Classifier earlier today.  It was a lot of fun.  We had 27 shooters and the club set up the entire classifier on three different ranges.  I was on the range we affectionately called the Pit.  Because of the high walls and lack of shade, in August we also call it the Damn Oven.

the pit set up for the IDPA classifier
We're all set-up and ready to go.  All we need are shooters.

I was in a good group of shooters.  We all wanted to perform with lightning quick deadly accuracy but we also recognized that marksmanship and proficiency with arms is a continuous path that must be walked.  There is no resting on your laurels; you are only as good as your last shot.

The club called it the first match of the year but in the Pit, we knew the match as rust knocker. 

We forgot to record times from individual strings, how to score targets, how to add, how to fill out scoresheets and worst of all, how to work the timers.  Just push the button!  How hard can that be?

We quickly picked it up.  Everyone had fun.  Everyone was excited about shooting.  I hope it continues.

I’m taking our attendance as a good sign.  With the price of ammo so expensive, 90 rounds of 9mm could cost you as little as $67.  Not a trivial amount for anyone.

How did I shoot?

I never shoot as well as I would like, but I shot well.  I shoot a Beretta, and I’ve never seen one of those jam.  My reloads were good, even the “reload with retention.”  I had a little trouble with my head shots and I should practice them a bit more.

Here are some photos.

Stage One
Stage one gives you a chance to demonstrate up-close skills.

Guy's gun recoils and slide has started opening
Pistol in recoil, the slide is starting to pick-up the next round.

Stage three shooting 20 yards
I thought this stuff was smokeless!!

Tactical content:  Most of us want to measure our performance against things we do well.  That’s the wrong yardstick.  The IDPA Classifier covers most if not all of the basic skills needed for self-defense with a handgun.   
stage three -  20 yards
Stage Three,  20 yards is a long way to hit center of mass.

Take a few minutes and download the IDPA Classifier.  It doesn’t need a lot of props.  A barrel and a barricade, both of which you could “fabricate” with some cardboard and target stands.  Set it up and shoot it with your carry gun.   At the end of thirty days, shoot it again and see what has changed.   

Make your plans from there.

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