Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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I had a talk with my friend Joyce.  She related how she’s having relatives from Scandinavia visit her in Colorado.  She and her husband want to take them camping and touring the local areas and her relatives are up for that.  But they want to do one thing.  In fact if they could do one thing it sounds like you could lock them in a closet for the rest of their visit and they would be happy.

The one thing?  They want to go shooting.  Because they can’t do that at home.

Scandinavia was occupied by the Nazis during WWII.  They came close to being a Russian colony during the Cold War.  You would think following those experiences every adult would have a battle rifle or pistol greased and a thousand rounds squirreled away.  Getting them to get rid of these insurance policies would be like prying a tick out of your hide after a day in the woods.  But they, by culture and habit, are law abiding citizens and now they’re unarmed.

We are so lucky to be Americans and we need to remember our freedoms come with daily battles against those who would whittle them away.

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My friend Marty tells me all the pop-up matches at Camp Perry ( ) are cancelled.  Camp Perry is a National Guard base on Lake Erie and the home of the National Bullseye Pistol and Rifle matches.  

For a while it looked like ORPA (Ohio Rifle & Pistol Association) would be able to run at least one pop-up week-end.  Not anymore.  The Camp says the matches aren't "historical or educational" so they were axed.  Port Clinton doesn’t need the shooting dollars during the spring and fall, but come early winter Port Clinton becomes a ghost town.  Losing that match takes a bite out of their local economy.  It isn’t a big bite, but I suspect the local restaurants and hotels would be happy to have a few more guests at that time of year.

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Yes, I know most of you aren’t police officers, but follow the link to anyway.  The armed citizen has the same problem police officers have at home.  How do we do treat our children to keep them safe around firearms at home? 

Here’s one approach and I think it’s a good one and I know from experience.  I was raised around weapons as was my brother and two sisters.  This system worked fine for us.

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