Monday, August 12, 2013

Around and About

It’s easy to blog on firearms and society.  Things change so fast with a 24 hour news cycle, I can’t keep up!   Here’s three or four.

Kahr Arm has had enough with NY and announced: We’re out of here!!  They are taking their factory and JOBS to Pennsylvania.  How many jobs?  The article said 80-100, but we need to remember economists like to talk about trickle down effects of every job.  Those 80 people will not be buying housing, gas, food, clothing, etc in NY.  That could affect 200 or more people all–in-all.  Now they’ll be spending their hard earned cash in Pennsylvania’s economy.

I like Kahr Arms a lot.  I shoot their P9 and K9 well and use them for carry.  I hope the move works for them.  Again, why would you want to be in NY?

Did you ever get so angry you wanted to scream?  How about shoot yourself?  You’ve  got to be pretty angry to shoot yourself, especially in your crotch.  Rhonney Jacobs must have been very angry.

Mr. Jacobs, angry about being told to slow his car down, got out of the car and pulled a gun from his waistband and started waving it around.  I’m sure he was making all the typical gangster moves you see in bad rap videos when his finger came into contact with the trigger.  

The result?  He “...shot himself in the groin…He was holding his groin and there was blood everywhere.”  At least that’s what the article reported.

Now maybe Mr. Jacobs wants to be Ms. Jacobs and figured that fastest way to reach that goal was to shoot it off in public and have the free medical system pay for the repairs.  I don’t know.  In any case hopefully there will be no transfer of genetic material to future children.

I do know s/he broke 2 fundamental NRA rules:  Finger off trigger until it’s time to shoot.  Always point your gun in a safe direction.

By now you know the next story of Mr. Newell shooting up a Town council meeting in Pennsylvania .  No?

Here’s the condensed version. 
"...three deaths… the gunman, Rockne Newell, had an ongoing dispute with township officials…."

The gunman, who appeared to be "shooting randomly," was finally captured.  Newell began shooting as he approached the building and continued as he walked into and through it. He then went back out to his vehicle in the parking lot, retrieved a handgun  and went back into the building, firing more shots according to the police.  A local official at the meeting grabbed the shooter and subdued him.

Okay.  First, didn’t any of the good guys have a gun?  I suspect the problem was those pesky “No gun” stickers and legal requirements that bar CCW in government offices.  Curiously they didn’t seem to have any effect on Rockne Newell.  Hell, he even went back to his car to get another gun!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to believe anytime someone tells me I shouldn’t carry a concealed weapon that’s enough reason to carry a concealed weapon.

Illegal aliens or undocumented workers.  What you call them seems to be a function of your political stripe.  No matter they seem to be a problem in Arizona. 

Immigration reform is something we hear about in Arizona but nearly half of our officers are killed by them. Yet they represent a much smaller segment of the population.”  From the May 25 2013 entry of 10-8double A’s blog

Is it any wonder Sheriff Joe Arpaio has purchased 400 S&W AR rifles for his deputies?  Sheriff Arpaio goes on to state “My deputies will carry guns 24 hours a day, even off duty…”

So in this time of sequester, budget crises, and fading tax base, where did he get the bucks?  According to Fox News he used “…money seized by authorities during arrest.”  (I suspect the word drug is missing from that sentence.

Clearly there is a difference in mindset between Arizona and Pennsylvania!

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