Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Pun

This is a visual pun

Puns are sometimes described as the lowest form of humor.  Most puns are verbal and depend on words with different spelling having the same pronunciation, or words that have similar sounds.  Pearls before Swine has used puns in many of the strips.

This is my visual pun.  That's a re-sized .223 Rem case hanging in that rather forlorn tree.  What Christmas carol does this remind you of?

If you think you know the answer, e-mail me.  Sorry, no prizes, just the fact that you're a little craftier than the next guy.

Merry Christmas!

Let me mention one of the blogs I follow and recommend.  It's called "the things worth believing in" and you can find it at

The author, a NY police officer, is currently covering NY law dealing with self-defense.  Now, normally I would suggest you stay away from NY, but I believe the better we understand the complications of law and self-defense the more capable we will be in both knowing when force is justified and dealing with the aftermath. You many gain some insights from his discussions.

After all, you'll be the one discussing your trial with your lawyer.

I got a comment and an image from a friend.  I'm posting the image for your enjoyment.

Thanks Marty!!!


  1. Just saw your blog and had to send you this. I've used a 300 Weatherby Mag as my Christmas decoration at work for maybe the last 8-10 years. I may change cartridges every couple years, but the tree is fresh every year.

    And of course, when asked, I tell them it's my Cartridge in a Bare Tree, sung properly without the benefit of pitch or earplugs.