Sunday, January 26, 2014

Joe Knows

'Bully Pulpit' to On

Some people get it.

Be as well armed as your assailant

Others never will!

Here's the letter that prompted Joe to write the above comment:

Legislation to promote violence  Jan 10 2014 ABJ
A “stand your ground” bill has passed the Ohio House.  It should be called the “shoot, don’t retreat” bill, to be honest with the voting public.

Why the majority of our legislators in the House are promoting more handgun violence is a real mystery. We all know that handguns are instruments of fear, so if the legislators who voted for the bill are fearful and carry concealed handguns, one would think they would be against more handgun violence, not in favor of it.

All bills should represent what the majority of the public wants for itself and its children. I do not believe we want to teach our children to shoot instead of retreating when confronted by violence.

Instead, we should teach them to stand their ground, not with a loaded handgun, but with a smile on their faces. Violence in response to violence begets more violence, not less.


My PS:
I am reminded of Jeff Cooper's comments on begeting violence. Cooper thought anyone who offers violence to a person should have so much begeted violence returned to him that he'll take his violence and offer it to someone else. 

Again, some people get it. Others don't.

'Bully Pulpit' to Off

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