Thursday, April 10, 2014

Franklin High Knifing

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Armed with an evil mind and two 8-inch kitchen knives, Alex Hribal attacked fellow students and staff at Franklin Regional High School in Murry PA.  Panic ensued as a wounded student pulled the fire alarm wanting to evacuate the building.  It also had the effect of getting the professionals moving.  In retrospect not a bad action on his part.

Hribal, called the 'suspect' by the media, was tackled by a school official and arrested.  He appears to have run through the building stabbing and slashing people.  Fortunately, of the twenty four people injured in the attack and the resulting confusion, there have been no deaths, but several are in serious condition.

I see a connection between Fort Hood and Franklin Regional High School.  You should too.  It’s the same connection that keeps coming up over and over.

Rabid, mad men are seldom so crazy to attack the armed and prepared.  In all fairness it does happen.  These events are usually very short lived as are the attackers. 

History shows from 1850 in West Chester, PA to the 1927 Bath School bombing in Michigan and beyond Fort Hood in April of this year, these bastards seek out a group of innocent and unarmed individuals for their merciless sport.  Their fun only ends when confronted with the armed and prepared individual.

The media ignores that fact.  Instead they focus on the mental health of the attacker, or making the private agony of the survivors public or insisting that an undefined “They” should have anticipated it and prevented it.

We both know that every incident becomes a stage for the political left and right to champion their messages.  On several levels, I admit I don’t care about their messages.  I care about my message.  And here it is:

Innocent, unarmed people will always be made into victims.  Surely there must be those among us who would chose to be armed and willing to act when needed.

This is the cornerstone of carrying a concealed weapon: I am armed and willing to act to protect myself and those important to me.

Gun Free zone sign didn't work
It appears the signs failed to stop Alex Hribal.  Signs only affect law-abiding people.  Stolen from Internet

It’s time to allow these certified, card carrying good guys mix anonymously into these unarmed populations.

Let's make the predators wonder who are the sheep and who are the sheepdogs!

Tactical content  (See, I figured out which blog this belongs in.)

First the obvious.  Be armed, be prepared.  Note what’s going on and act.  Franklin Regional High is a good example of how a fire extinguisher could have ended the confrontation.  Spray them with white stuff inside, then hit them with the outside.   Hats off to Clint Smith.

The less obvious.
One headline stated that for the stabbing victims time to medical attention was critical.  Carry a 'blowout' kit.  I blogged about the course at Weyer Tactical.  The medical professionals aren’t coming in until the police say the area is secure.  If you’re in the area you are the first responder.  In fact you might have to be your own rescuer.  

Tourniquet, pressure bandage and quick clot pads could have reduced the number of seriously injured.  Be prepared and act.  

This is never about being a hero.  It’s about doing what’s right.

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