Monday, September 15, 2014

Buckle up and Let's Ride!

You’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve laughed about it but if you’re serious about carrying concealed you’ve already thought about it.  What do you do with your weapon when you use the commode?

“Teacher hurt when gun accidentally hits toilet.”  Akron Beacon Journal  12 Sept 14  (see update here.)

A Utah 6th grade teacher with a permit and legally carrying her gun, is reported to have accidently shot the porcelain throne when using the toilet before class started.  One can imagine the incident and the resulting explosion of porcelain.  The report indicates she was cut by fragments but did not shoot herself as it was first reported.  Nobody is speculating if this happened before or after she used the toilet.  In either case I’m sure it wasn’t pretty.  But I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that explanation.

This is a problem, where does the gun reside when you’re on the can?  I’ve heard of undercover officers taking their sidearm out and placing it on the tank top or behind the pipe to the rear of the seat.   The story becomes more interesting when they exit the establishment and then discover the gun didn’t walk out with them.  Inevitably the gun is gone by the time they get back to that stall.

Do I need to explain that the gun should not be visible on the floor next to your feet to anyone who walks into the bathroom?

This is one situation where the alternative carry methods shines.  If it’s on your ankle or in a shoulder rig it simply stays there when you perform basic body functions.  When I use a fanny pack, I simply slip the pack on bandolier-style. 

No matter what you do with it, you want to make sure it isn’t simply laying on the floor where it could slip out of the holster and skid out of your stall and beyond your control.  I can’t think of too many worse situations than having your pants around your ankles, grabbing for the paper with one hand and the gun with the other as it skitters into the occupied stall next to you.

If you carry, you should practice this basic procedure at home a few times.

And now for something completely different......

I tell people court is theatre.  They laugh at me.  Maybe it is a shopworn analogy, but it is true.

Here’s a picture of suspect Deshanon Haywood. 

Before picture
I suspect this was a booking photo. He’s on trial for the murder of two men and two women in April of last year.  You might find nastier photos of him that he posted on the different social media websites.

Here’s another of him at jury selection. 

at court, shaven, cut and showered

Men clean up nice, it’s one of God’s gifts to us.  Give us a haircut, nice suit, clean shirt and tie and we look good.  I also note he’s wearing glasses.  I can’t tell if there’s any magnification to the lens, they could be just plain glass.  He’s holding a pen in an awkward grip as if he’s not use to writing, but he is left-handed.   I’m sure he’s been told to look like he’s taking notes and look at the jurors when they speak.  I can’t help but wonder if you’d find tick-tack-toe games on his note page.

Yes, I’m that cynical.  But remember, some terrible day you may find yourself in his place defending your righteous self-defense shooting.  Being right isn’t always enough.  If you and your lawyer can’t orchestrate your appearance and behavior correctly, you could get a bad review from the critics in the jury box.

Yes, I’m that cynical.

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