Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Printable Guns - Update

More plastic guns

Up date on printable guns.  Read the original post here.

 Michael Crumling has come up with one solution for the fragile nature of printable plastic guns.  He’s a 25-year-old machinist and has developed what amounts to a disposable barrel with a live round in the chamber.  It’s expensive and time consuming to make, but it turns a novelty item into a functioning weapon.

His other idea?  Why not use non-regulated metal parts like triggers and firing pins?

It’s only a short step until someone finds commercially available high strength steel pipe with an ID that matches a common pistol round.

Printable guns are an example of technology getting ahead of society.  It’s also an example of why guns will always be available.  Five years ago you needed to be a machinist with tools and quality raw material to make a gun.  Now you need a printer, plastic feed material, a downloadable file and enough electricity to run the device.

I recently read a SciFi story about a father and daughter who had a highly illegal fabricator. A fabricator could make anything if it had the raw materials and the plans.  Dad was just released from jail for fabricating forbidden drugs like aspirin, antibiotics and vaccines for mumps which he sold to the poor who didn’t have access to society’s medical system.

The daughter barely survived his incarceration by making ends meet from the sale of these same illicit drugs while protecting the fabricator.

Dad explains that he learned his lesson in prison and the daughter thinks dad is going straight.  No, dad informs her, he going into fabricating fabricators.  When a need can't be met, people will find a way of supplying it.

Maybe society will come to the realization that a weapon can always be obtained and it’s the user’s actions that are important.  Perhaps vanVogt’s  “The Weapon Shop of Isher” comes to mind.

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