Are snipers Cowards?

It is easy to understand that point of view when you or your loved ones are injured or killed by a sniper.  It is probably true when it occurs outside of a war zone by a VCA.

Let me get this straight from the start, I never served.  I never spoke to those that did and served as a sniper.  All I ever did was read “American Sniper” as well as “Marine Sniper” about Carlos Hathcock. 

Frankly, after reading about the training, about the skill, the discipline and the dangers involved, it is hard to believe any military sniper on any side is a coward.   While I may not agree with their politics, it is hard to imagine a coward going out day after day to confront his enemy with a price on their head.  Read about the sniping duels between the Russians and Germans in WWII and one word that never comes to mind is coward.

However, this is America.  A place where you can express your view, just as I am expressing my view.

I am not surprised by Michael Moore.  I have always thought of him as a complete waste of skin and opportunist of dubious character.

Seth Rogen?  He is an actor for God’s sake.  Who cares what he thinks.  He will not be seeing any of my dollars in the future.

They are both a couple of asswipes.  Just my opinion, but look for the brown streaks!

I will say, I doubt either of them would say these things if Chris Kyle was alive.


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