Friday, May 15, 2015

Help and Having Fun

Benifit run for wishes for warriors
The start of the day

I recently attended a benefit for Wishes for Warriors, an organization that helps wounded veterans do many of the things we enjoy:  fishing trips, a day with friends, acceptance in society.  Their stated goal, “Many return from war, mentally or physically disabled only to be judged by society.  Wishes For Warriors is here to change that.” 


I don’t know how much money was made.  I’m sure it wasn’t enough but we can all do a little bit ourselves.  Next time you meet a veteran, remember they have baggage I can’t begin to understand, so cut them a little slack.

Warming on up on the rifle range
We moved the benches down from the rifle range reday line to control safety

The range had shooting stations set up on two pistol ranges and the rifle range.  Those attending had a chance to do a little shooting.  The club also offered two 1-hour long training sessions with Adam Litke.  The first hour was pistol and after lunch and drawing of riffle prizes, Adam ran a rifle course.
Well, there isn’t much you can do in an hour, but…

Adam ran essentially a figure 8 drill.  The concept is simple: you walk a figure eight pattern looping around two cones.  Five 3/8 size steel targets were set up approximately 10 yards away with a number painted on the steel plate.  In response to the verbal command, you turn, find the target  with the matching number and engage it with as many rounds you think are required.  Simple.

Adam Litke figure 8 pistol range
Shooter engages steel.  Part of the drill was muzzle awareness.

Well, it sounds simple until the number 2 target becomes the “2 times 3 minus 4” target.  Of course there could be two number 2 targets and no 1 or 5.  Add different color paint and 2-red, square root of 9 and half 10 become especially interesting.

A similar activity was scheduled for the hour of rifle. The pistol grade steel targets were swapped out for all purpose cardboard IDPA targets.  With the bigger targets, more numbers could be placed on each target. 

Adam Litke run a rifle responce
shooter engages target square root four plus 2

The goal is to simulate the chaos of an armed interaction. 
Huh?  What does that have to do with the square root of 16?
It’s about decision making under pressure.  Think about what can happen:  the environment gets your attention because something non-ordinary happens.  Your response is: “I may need a weapon.” 

After you verify a weapon is required, and there is an imminent threat present, and your only/best response is to draw and engage that threat, you must draw and engage.  During that entire period everything in the environment is changing because of the shooter.  Disorder and confusion will be the order of the day.

Don’t let this be the first time your mental processes grind to a halt and need to be rebooted.  The more you experience this, the easier the reboot will be.

Remember the 6P rule: Pre-planning and practice prevent poor performance.

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