Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Drones are certainly the hot item.  Organizations that know better were going to deliver your packages to you by drones.  Cities have passed laws about where and when you can fly drones.  Wedding are photographed from drones.  Police and the military use them to get a birds-eye view without alerting the observed.  What else is possible?

In Blue Thunder, Roy Scheider pilots an experimental copter that serves as a weapons platform with sneaky intelligence gathering ability.  He solves his problem by hovering in “whisper mode” outside of a building while recording a conversation and filming in IR.  But that was just fiction, we said.

Adding a high resolution camera and a sensitive microphone isn’t so difficult.  Can you imagine the stress and outrage of pulling back the curtain on the 18th floor of a high rise only to find a miniature peeping tom hovering just outside your window?

iZombie showed a fictional murder with a gun-toting drone.  Good thing it’s fiction! 

Too late!  Zombies may be fiction, but gun-firing drones aren’t.  Someone has posted a video of a pistol shooting remote drone!  The Feds would like to talk with Mr. Austin Haughwout about his activities.  No information available on its targeting ability.  Here’s a link to it and a portion of the video.

There must be a thousand or more questions about civil rights and privacy that comes bubbling to the surface, but the one I have is “Who will be the first to print a drone incorporating a gun?”

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