Ed's World

There’s a lot of hot shit stuff on the internet.  Everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt but take a look at this video clip from “Ed’s Manifesto” blog.

Ed is somewhere south of the USA and frankly, I don’t always understand the message he trying to convey.  It may be the cultural reference points that I’m missing or it’s just my pampered (comparatively) existence.  Don’t let that dissuade you, the blog is in English.  Make sure you look at that video.

Ed: “Body language. Concealment fidgeting.”  Ed is right about what to watch for.

The main actor is the tall white shirted fellow. It looks like a jewelry store and I think he’s picking up the protection money.  There are at least two men in what appears to be some kind of body armor.  Our actor is carrying left side appendix, as best as I can see.

Watch him.  He fidgets, pats the left side of his body with his left forearm.  He makes big movements with his right, but small or no movement with his left.  He probably doesn’t use a holster, so the gun is constantly shifting and he has to make sure he knows where it is.   Watch it a couple times, you’ll see things I didn’t.

My times may be a little off.

I don’t speak the language, but around 1:28 he appears to flash the gun by lifting the right side of the shirt.  He may have been just demonstrating he is not carrying on the right side while the gun stays hidden on the left side. 

At 2:07 a second man arrives and appears to be subjected to a pat down.

2:35 a second guard walks in.  Neither of the two men are aware something is about to happen.  They have about 20 seconds to live.  I lose track of the second guard in the dark, fuzzy corner of the upper right part of the screen.

2:46 the main actor starts to walk toward the two guards and the second man, who I assume is his partner.

2:49 the gun comes out and is fired strong hand only right side.  He walks in close and shoots.

2:51 the guard is shot and the main actor backs up behind cover to assess the situation. 

2:53 the main actor returns and shoots the fallen guard once more to make sure.  It’s brutal, but his wants are more important than the guard’s life.  Expect your opponent to have the same point of view.

The two men escape out the back door.  At 3:10 the clerk, who has been hiding, leaves without checking the fallen men and returns seconds later to make a phone call.  Was she checking to make sure somebody was or wasn’t outside?  I can’t tell, but I don’t thinks she says policia to anyone on that phone.

The key point is neither guard notices the fidgeting of the main actor.  My assumption is they are both confident in their bulletproof vests.  Frankly, I can’t tell if they are armed or not.  The one I could see on this crappy quality video never seems to draw his, assuming he has one.

Notice what others don’t see.  You’ll see it because you’re looking for it.  Ed’s right.  It can all go away in seconds.