Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sniper Match

Greenport Tactical Association will host its yearly Sniper/Spotter Match September 27 2015.  They have room for 24 two person teams.  While it’s not a true sniper match, no 200 yard craw to make a shot or grassy knoll stuff you will shoot at distances from 50 to 200 yards.  The spotter member will shoot shorter distances, but you never can tell what kind of hi-jinks have been thought of.

I’m not participating this year, but I have to admit it sounds like a great time.  I understand there will be some kind of hanging, spring loaded platform to give you the sensation of shooting from a helicopter.  If you want to find out more check the GTA website

Where is GTA?  It’s an outdoor range not far from Canton, Ohio.  Most of you know how hard it is to find places to shoot outdoor.  If you’re within two hour drive you think about putting together a team and sizing yourselves up against others.

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