Monday, November 16, 2015


“Do you have a 38 automatic?” He asked

That was an interesting question.  Saying .38 to me and registers as .38 SPL and these fit in revolvers, not full automatic weapons.  While I’m sure there are .38 SPL semi-automatics in existence, but I didn’t think that’s what he had in mind 

difference between .380 and .38 spl
The little one is .380 ACP while the big one is .38 SPL.  I know you know that, but the clerk didn't.

“No, I do have a .380 semi-auto.  Are you talking about .38 Super?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

Let’s unwrap this onion quickly.  I’ve already wasted too much of my life on this subject.

I always thought it was an NRA myth.  You know, you go to Mega-Mart and the clerk behind the gun counter has just transferred in from shoes and training consists of being told, “Lock up the counter when you step away.”

You ask for 38s and he sells you .380 ACP.  Of course, you have no clue as to what your gun shoots but surely this highly trained sales professional wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Of course this mistake doesn’t get discovered until you attempt to load the gun and that’s pretty much what happened.  He went over to his sister’s so they could shoot in the backyard and discovered his box of .380 ACP doesn’t work in a .38 SPL revolver.

Back to the conversation still in progress.
“Oh, you want .38 Special not .380 ACP.”  I said

“Yeah.  I think so.”  He replied.

So never underestimate the level of ignorance in areas not germane to the fields of expertise.  This guy is a gardener par-excellence, but when I hear him discuss gun rights and self defense I leave the room before my head explodes.

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