Bottom Lines

Following the Nov 13 2015 Paris attack, claimed by Islamic terrorists, there has been a predictable rush of Facebook and Internet commandos expressing the desire to get the perpetrators in their gunsights.  It’s quite understandable, as I also would very much like to get these assholes and their entire ilk in front of my front site.

What if....when it happens here... What's your plan?

This outpouring of support and camaraderie is both commendable and futile at the same time.  There is little most of us can actually do. 
America is not isolated and immune from these attacks.  9-11, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the bombing of the Boston Marathon should demonstrate that both foreign and homegrown extremists can prey on us.  

Let’s not forget the spree shooters, self-proclaimed revolutionaries and Other Dickless Assholes (ODA) who can’t resist shooting helpless, unarmed victims.

It will happen again.  Are you ready? You’re going to dance with the devil, but are you going to lead or follow?

It starts with a plan.

Here’s a jumping off point for discussion.  Your plan may be to run towards the sound of gunfire or away from it.  I don’t know what is right for you.  The solution for a single man or woman could be quite different for anyone married or with children or elderly parents.  But if you want to help, here are some of the components that should be in your plan.
  • First aid
  • Skill with weapons/tools
  • Equipment/Plan
  • Willingness

I’m going to touch each one, some more than others.

First Aid
Every first aid course I’ve taken in the last 4 years has emphasized the importance of using a tourniquet to control bleeding and the need to keep an air way open.  A self-rescue aid kit containing a tourniquet, quick clot, latex gloves and two yards of duck tape can potentially stabilize life threatening injuries until the professionals arrive.  It may even save your life.  Do you carry a kit?  Can you use it?

Skill with weapons
A thousand words might not be enough for this topic. Don’t expect to stop six armed terrorists who have the element of surprise.  But if you are cornered and need to protect yourself and your loved ones can you?  If you can disrupt their plans, if you can make them wonder how many others like yourself are out there, that’s a step in the right direction. 

Can you hit your target under pressure?  What distances are you accurate at?  Can you reload, clear jams, use cover and concealment, formulate plan B through Z on the move?  Are you prepared to deal with the police?  Do you have a knife and flashlight?  Can you fight with fist, knees and elbows?  Are you physically fit enough to carry your child or injured spouse to safety, run a hundred yards, climb 60, 70 or 100 steps?  Can you kneel, crawl or jump?

I’m not suggesting you need to train like a commando, but do you know your physical limits and make an effort to stretch them a little? 

To Be Continued.