Friday, December 16, 2016

Basics 6: Public Bathroom

Let's get gritty. (just for men edition!)

CCW and modern plumbing
So...Which are you going to use?

That’s your third cup of coffee.  Nobody ever owns coffee.  We just borrow it and input equals output.  Time to head to the john.

You’re carrying, that’s why you’re drinking something non-alcoholic.  Let’s assume you carrying strong side and someone has made you.  They want your gun.

Their plan is to be a half a dozen steps behind you into the john and when you step up to the urinal, unzipped and pre-occupied, they are going to rob you.  This is just a variation of one popular mode of making a felony warrant arrest and extraction from a public place.

Let me tell you how I would do it.  I’d start to walk past you and then slam your head in to the wall, hard!  Hard enough to knock you unconscious.  I’d scoop the gun out of your holster and be out the door while you were still falling to the floor.

So what’s your plan?

You’ve got a couple choices.  You could use the urinal on the right.  That’s a sturdy partition on your right that protects and limits access to your gun.
You could use the center one which gives you room to move either left or right during a fight.

The left one, that’s not so hot unless you’re a lefty.

So what’s the answer?

Use a stall. 
Nothing like almost complete privacy, with a door locked behind you to protect yourself.  Take care of emptying your bladder and when you’re ready, you open the door and step out.  Anyone waiting has to react to your timing.

Sure you can dream up other scenarios that invalidate the protection of a closed door.  How about two of them waiting for you outside the door?  Or maybe one will climb over into the locked stall after you. 

Really?  Maybe someone will simply teleport your gun away from you.  

Not very likely you say, and I would agree.  Lingering around in a bathroom always attracts attention.  That’s the last thing he wants.

It’s a basic tactic.  Use a stall.

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