Monday, April 25, 2016

Random BS

A discussion with an LEO about the job came around to militias.  One only has to look at the upper Michigan peninsula and Idaho to realize there are a lot of serious people meeting, training and stockpiling.   I understand some of what motivates them. 

People are concerned about the well being of America.  Some feel the government isn’t leading and isn’t protecting the interests of the ordinary citizen.  So, into that vacuum you have people and organizations advocating a spectrum of self reliance and preparation.  Even some of the fun shoots I attend are structured to give the self-reliant shooter a chance to try different rifle positions, practice different tactics, or polish skills.  There are a lot of good people just want to do something to help.

One not uncommon topic in the blog-o-sphere is your role during a violent terrorist attack.  It’s an open sore I can’t resist picking at.

In this vein I ran across the term ‘citizen defender’.  You may be one of many wondering “what-the-fuck-is-going-on” or less friendly “I-better-get-my-head-down” during an attack.  Now what should you do?    I don’t think anyone has all the answers.  Not me, not Massad Ayoob, not the guy or gal running a training class at your range.  The best I can suggest is practice often, give some thought to how you want to react in the attacks we read about, and have the equipment you need on hand.

I overheard the open-carry crowd talking among themselves.  It was interesting.  Open carry might be the poster child for “Things that are legal, but shouldn’t be done.”  With the advent of CCW in Ohio, I see no reason to invoke a law designed to allow hunters to walk down the road to the next field.

What struck me as interesting is they remind me of high school boys keeping score of who got to what base with which girl.  Is there any significance to open carrying in a Wal-Mart?  What about the 23rd First National Bank of Butkiss?  How does that strike a blow for freedom and justice?  It’s not like you just depth charged a Sinaloa Cartel submarine filled with drugs.

One of the better responses to negating open carry is the question “In the split second you open carry into a building, how does the police or other CCWers know you are not a terrorist who need to be DRT?”  I don’t have an answer.  More poster children for STUPID.

My last soapbox is personal first aid kits.   Read Samuel Hayes at

I’m big on personal blow-out kits.  The product from Dark Angel Medical looks interesting, but you can make your own.  Quik-clot, combat tourniquets, compression bandages and disposable gloves are available and can be assembled into zip lock bags and with home vacuum sealers you can custom fit the package.  There are some great 4 hour courses that will teach you the basics of stopping bleeding and keeping an airway open.

If you subscribe to the citizen defender concept then you must also accept your role as the citizen responder as well.

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