Monday, May 30, 2016


“All right class, who knows what this is?”  Ms. Fishburn said while holding up a single sock. 

Not holster
Class?  Who knows what this is and when it was washed last?

“It’s a foot holster, Ms. Fishburn.”  Susy said.

“Okay… anyone else?  Jimmy?” 

“It’s what misers keep money in.  I know because momma said my dad has some money socked away that nobody knows about.” 

Ms. Fishburn decided she wasn’t going to explore that.  Then she saw Billy trying to flag her down.  With a certain amount of hesitation she said, “Yes Billy?”

“My grandfather says he used to put a condom in that to make an emergency water carrier when he was in the army.”  
That was the reason for Fishburn’s hesitation.

“But what else is it?  Anyone?”

“It’s for feet, Ms. Fishburn,”  said Jilly Ann.  “It’s a sock, they usually come in pairs and you put a foot in each.  Not a gun like that moron in Augusta, Kansas.”

“That pretty observant, Jilly.  Where do you put gun when you’re carrying it?”

“In a holster!”  Jimmy butted in before Jilly Ann could answer.  “Everyone knows that!”  The rest of the class made agreement noises.

Ms. Fishburn looked around the class room and nodded in satisfaction.  “You kids are going to do all right.”  Then to herself, “Now if we can just do something about the morons who get all their training from TV….”

Just to be clear, some dickless wonder, jammed a Kel-Tec .380 semi-auto in his sock and went to the high school graduation in Augusta, Kansas.  At some point he decided to readjust the gun and managed to pull the trigger.  He takes a little skin off his foot, but the ricochet manages to find an innocent bystander and injures her.  Fortunately for her, she isn’t injured too bad and is released from the hospital.

The gun went off because DW manages to pull the trigger.  A carry gun should never be just dumped in a pocket, purse or sock.  Why?  Because these things happen.  Stuff, your stuff to be accurate, manages to find triggers or lodges in the barrel and this happens.

Carry guns belong in holsters, or safely secured off your person.

In review:
This is a foot in a sock.

Can I make it any clearer?

This is a gun in a holster made for that specific gun.  It’s secured on the ankle and covered by the sock.  It is not a gun in a sock.
The sock is pulled down a little so you can see the holster.

Now I know you saw Clint Eastwood in the first Dirty Harry movie.  And I know many of you figure you have the man gene that Dirty Harry had and all your training and ideas come from that movie.  You even know his trade mark phrase.

Now Harry Callahan doesn’t jam a gun in his sock.  No, he tapes a switchblade to his ankle and covers it with his sock.
That’s the movies and not real life.  Use a holster.  

Don’t be a genitalia diminished wonder. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Tactics involves the study of conflicts and outcomes.  From these outcomes new doctrines arise in the effort to avoid the original outcome.  While we may never be faced with ten thousand sword-bearing warriors charging up a narrow valley at us, the doctrine of controlling pinch points remains valid.

Here a case brought to us from

Last Sunday (April 24 2016) in Pennsylvania, 46 year old Mark Storms shot and killed a 27 year old man over a dispute about a seat. Earlier this week, Storms was charged with voluntary manslaughter.
Summary from the above link:
Witnesses remember Braxton arriving at church irritated and cursing at an usher in the back of the church, court documents show. Church staff members tried to quiet Braxton, but he refused before heading to a pew that was reserved for two other church members, according to prosecutors.

A church member sitting behind Braxton tapped him on the shoulder to let him know the seats were reserved. Another couple put down two Bibles to save their spots before walking away. Braxton retorted the tap and starting yelling “Don’t f—— touch me!” an affidavit reads.

An assistant pastor and ushers came over to try and calm Braxton, but he continued to yell, records show.

In interviews with police, witnesses watched Storms walk over to Braxton, show him a badge and motion to a handgun under his shirt. The badge, police said, was for his concealed carry permit. Braxton exchanged words with Storms before punching him in the jaw. Storms then pulled out his gun and fired two shots, according to witnesses.
One person said Braxton lunged at Storms before the shooting. Another recalled hearing Braxton ask Storms “What are you going to do, shoot me?” before punching him, court documents show.
Storms, in an interview with police, said he opened fire on Braxton because he felt his “person was in great danger” and that he was worried other people in the church, including the elderly and children, were going to be hurt. Storms told police he showed off the concealed carry badge with hopes of defusing the situation.  He said, according to court documents, he had done that in the past and that man “walked away.

Let me add a little background before I jump into it.  It’s legal in Pennsylvania to carry a firearm in a church with a CCW license.  A concealed carry badge is not part of the law or a requirement.   Mark Storms does not have a law enforcement connection, such as deputy, game warden or dog catcher.  Nor does he have any official capacity with the church.

First…I don’t even write radio commercials for lawyers….  I am a student of the gun and teach CCW as well as firearms self-defense.

I associate civilians carrying and flashing badges, shields and buzzers with child molesters.  So do many police.  So it’s stupid to have one.  Period.  I don’t even like the SASS stars cowboy shooters like to wear….

Having a CCW license doesn’t give you police-like responsibilities or authority.  When Storms approached, flashed his badge and brandished his weapon he escalated what was at the time a minor conflict.  This conflict could have been handled much better if anyone had pulled out their cell phone and called the trained professionals, the police.

While Braxton threw the first punch, it hardly fits the parameter of deadly force.  Braxton’s punching Storms was a direct result of the escalation caused by Storms.  The fight seems to have stopped and Storms still had the option to back away.  Instead, he produced the weapon he had previously brandished and shot Braxton.

Part of Storms justification was that he was “worried other people in the church, including the elderly and children, were going to be hurt.”  The article does not mention Braxton having any other weapon other than his body.  Additional follow up indicated that he was unarmed.  One should never confuse unarmed with not dangerous.  I assume other adult men were present and so it doesn’t seem likely that Braxton could have hurt anyone before being restrained or at that point engaged by Storms.  Storms’ story sounds like bullshit to me.

He later confided to the police that he had done this before and had gotten away with it.  This paints Storms as a bully and a wanna-be police officer, interested in the power, but not the responsibility.  Neither of which will engender him to the police.  Nor should it to the civilian (AKA jury pool) population.

This is another story of having only one tool to solve problems.  Not having verbal skills, Storms attempted to bully Braton with a phony badge and concealed weapon.  Not having a less lethal option (OC spray, open/closed hand skills), Storms fell back on the only skill he had, trigger pulls.

Voluntary manslaughter sounds fair….Storms is the perfect poster child for stupid.